Life on a Cedar ....

Saturday, June 11, 2005

From my Himalayan winter trek in December'04.

A creeper trying to climb on to a towering Cedar that is more than a hundred feet tall.

Life, the phenomenon, as it has evolved through the millions of years on this planet, is an astonishingly robust thing. It thrives in the most impossible environments, it propels itself through the hardest of obstacles, and just refuses to go down. It survives; Miles deep under the sea, in ecosystems that thrive on hot magma springs as their sole energy source. Miles above sea level, on snow covered mountains, in organisms that don't need oxygen to survive. In birds, leopards, buffaloes, great sharks, salmons, bulldogs, squirrels, sparrows, cockroaches and mosquitoes.

And in the poorest of people barely surviving in slums, who really don't seem to have much reason to do so.

What is the most characteristic feature of life?

Is it that it survives, reproduces and spreads itself?