Monday, March 17, 2014

The boy looked inside,

The land was brimming with greenery. Thin blades of grass sprouted from everywhere, many of them ending in bright little dots of cheerful flowers. An occasional butterfly rested on some, spreading and flapping its patterned wings to catch the bright sun.

He gently parted the grass with his hands and peered in.

The wet dark earth was covered with green moss, glistening with drops of dew. A few red ants walked past, murmuring behind each others backs. A bright spotted lady bug paused; and crawled back inside the leaf bed.

The boy hesitated.

He stayed still for a few moments. Then he extended his hand and gingerly touched the earth with his index finger.

The earth creaked and gave way. It began to part.

The boy looked inside.

It was there, red and wet and pulsing in its relaxed rhythmic beat.

He touched it.

It had become tender with love.